badass workout outfits for women

I don’t know about you, but I love a good pair of workout clothes. Honestly, I could wear them all the time (and kinda do).

When working out, a chic outfit makes me feel strong, empowered, and to put it simply: it makes me feel badass.

Certain types of workout clothes make all the difference during a workout. I’ve noticed they make me feel more motivated and inspired to push myself. It’s like I’m suited up, training to be a hardcore female lead in an action film.

It all depends on the color, fit, and print of the clothes. And how they’re paired with other pieces.

As someone who’s been running/working out since the 6th grade, I’ve had a ton of time to evolve my workout clothing style. And trust me, it didn’t start out pretty: baggy shirts, shorts rolled up 3 times, above ankle socks…

But (thank goodness) we’re not in middle school anymore.

Today I’m excited to share with you my favorite workout outfits for women. These will make you look AND feel your best. Now you’ll be extra motivated to get changed, hit the gym, and crush your workout!

Post last updated: February 22, 2020

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10 Badass Workout Outfits for Women

1. Sports Bra w/ Jacket

I love the look of foregoing a shirt or tank top and just wearing a sports bra. Pairing it with a cute jacket or sweatshirt allows for comfortable layers, along with an edgy style. Definitely one of my favorite workout looks.

1 Badass Workout Outfits for Women

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2. Crop Tops

Crop tops are back in and killing it. A bold fashion statement, crop tops immediately say to me, “I’m here to work so move aside.” Best paired with high-waisted leggings for just a peek of belly.

2 Badass Workout Outfits for Women

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3. All Black

Probably the most badass outfit you can wear is all black. This is my go-to most of the time. No matter the exact pieces, I always feel ready to crush a workout.

3 Badass Workout Outfits for Women

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4. Marled Gray and Black

Switch up the all-black routine by adding in some marled gray. This is a pretty popular trend and I’m loving it. Get pieces that combine the two (they’re actually pretty easy to find) or mix and match!

4 Badass Workout Outfits for Women

5. Animal Print

Animal print is back – and it looks amazing. There’s something so chic but hardcore about wearing an animal print piece. There’s no doubt about it: this one is super bold and shows you mean business.

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6. Edgy Leggings

Amp up your outfit with a pair of edgy leggings. Laser-cut, mesh, nylon, faux-leather – these all look amazing! If you want a jaw-dropping look, hit the gym in a pair like one of these:

6 Badass Workout Outfits for Women

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7. Bold Print/Colorblock

Bold print and colorblock are other ways to catch the eye. There’s a wide range of options that fit this style, so pick one that feels the most “you” and own it. You could even pick cool ones that look like Captian Marvel herself should be wearing them:

7 Badass Workout Outfits for Women

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8. Killer Saying

And I don’t mean the funny, “Eat now, taco later” sort of shirt. I mean something either motivational or something sassy – we’re going for badass here. Be the girl that everyone’s like, “Damn, she means business.”

8 Badass Workout Outfits for Women

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9. Pop of Color

If the dark color palate isn’t so much for you, go intense by adding a small, bright pop of color to an otherwise dark ensemble. I love how this can make an outfit even more striking.

9 Badass Workout Outfits for Women

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10. Cutouts/Straps

Whether on leggings, a tank, or sports bra, cutouts and/or straps make an outfit pretty epic. They create a unique look that shows you’re both fun and dauntless. The essence of badass, don’t you think?

10 Badass Workout Outfits for Women

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There you have it: my 10 favorite badass workout outfits for women. Try out a couple and you’ll see – it makes a difference! Right away you’ll feel motivated to push yourself a little harder.

And don’t forget to smile at fellow gym-goers in passing so they’re not too intimated by you!

10 Badass Workout Outfits for Women
Badass workout outfits for women

Do you also love wearing some of these fitness styles? I’d love if you’d share in the comments below!