There is something out there that you’ll like and make money doing.

What to Do When You Hate Your Job

It’s getting late on Sunday night. You keep looking at the clock. 8:00…8:30…9:00…you should probably get ready for bed soon. But the sooner you go to bed, the sooner you have to get up. And that means going to work. At a job you hate. The thought completely depresses you.

Not all of us have the ability to get out of a job we don’t like. We got into it for various well-intentioned reasons, whether helping people, following our major, flexible hours, the paycheck, the benefits, etc. But sometimes the day-to-day surprises us: extreme stress, excess paperwork, restricting rules/regulations, tough bosses, and unkind coworkers (fortunately, I’ve been very lucky in the coworker department). And many of us can’t leave due to finances or contracts. If, for whatever reason, you find yourself struggling to get out of the door every day, here are my tips – from someone who’s been there!

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What to Do When You Hate Your Job

Do NOT feel like you’re stuck

Your life is supposed to be enjoyable! If you hate what you are doing every day, stop doing it! If you are in a contract, start prepping for when it’s done.

Do not feel like you're stuck in a job you hate

When I started my first nursing job, I didn’t sign a contract for a period of time. But my boss made it very clear she would like me to stay for at least 2-3 years. I barely made it through that first year. I knew that as a nurse I at least needed 1 year of experience to get hired anywhere else, so I stuck it out and quit almost exactly a year in.

At first I thought I should stay through the holidays, that I owed my boss that. As a nurse, everyone’s required to work a certain number of holidays. I didn’t want to screw the floor and my boss over.

Here is something I’ve learned.

You don’t owe anyone anything. If it impedes your happiness, you don’t have to do it. You are NOT stuck. Go out there and do something for you!

Start soul searching/planning a change

I think it’s hardest when you hate a job you truly thought you would love. Even if you want to change to something else, what do you switch to? This was the toughest thing for me, especially when my first job change led to something else I didn’t like either. It’s so frustrating.

My only answer is to start and keep searching. There is something out there that you’ll like and make money doing. You may have to switch careers entirely, go back to school, or go volunteer somewhere to find it, but you will find something you like.

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Use the little comforts

Even while you’re planning a change, there are ways you can make it more manageable. When I had to get up at 5:15 AM for a job I desperately didn’t want to get up for, I found small ways to create a positive atmosphere.

Coffee mood booster when you hate your job

For example, I would light a nice-smelling candle when getting ready. It lifted my unhappy, groggy mind immensely.

Another thing I did was go straight for the coffee. I’m a coffee fanatic (if the name of this blog didn’t give it away), and it always helps me get out of bed.

I also love listening to audio books on the commute. If you don’t want to think about work on the way there or need to forget about it when you leave, audio books/podcasts are the way to go. The Harry Potter books are my fav.

If the nighttime is usually worse for you, I recommend using a nice-smelling lotion that can help you drift off to sleep. I LOVE this mango one from The Body Shop. It’s helped me many times.

I’ve also started using a 10-minute guided meditation before bed. This meditation leads you through relaxing each part of your body so by the end you literally feel like you’re floating on a cloud of melted marshmallows.

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Make your day as easy as possible

If you’re struggling already, don’t make it harder on yourself! Get enough sleep, meal prep, set out your clothes, and get up with enough time to get ready. If you have control over these things, make them work in your favor.

Today’s society is very quiet about this: a responsible adult is supposed to go to work and pay the bills. But I wholeheartedly believe that this idea needs to change. If you find yourself unhappy and depressed doing “what you’re supposed to be doing”, I don’t think you should have to do it anymore. I believe you can find something you love that still makes proper “adulting” possible.

My heart goes out to any of you struggling with this. I know the feeling, and it’s the worst.  Know that you are not alone and that there are ways to work through it. I hope you find something more fulfilling and less stressful, and find something that makes you happy!

what to do when you hate your job

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