weight loss myths debunked

Today I want to share with you 5 common weight loss myths – and why they’re utterly wrong.

As a certified personal trainer who’s worked in both the medical and fitness fields, I’ve encountered a lot of people with a lot of varying beliefs about weight loss.

In fact, that was one of the main reasons I pursued my weight loss specialist certification. I wanted to know what was actually true…and what was essentially just rumor.

To this day, I work with my clients to overturn these ways of thinking. Because rather than speed weight loss along, most of these myths actually IMPEDE weight loss.

And we can’t have any of that. Weight loss is hard enough as is!

Before my clients learned these, achieving even a pound of weight loss was a slow and painful process. They seemed to be putting in tons of work and effort without getting any results.

Achieving weight loss became much simpler for them once they understood what was really important, and it all started with breaking down these myths.

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5 Common Weight Loss Myths Debunked

Myth #1) You won’t lose weight if you don’t go “all-in.”

Weight loss does not require an all-or-nothing mentality. In fact, I think that’s where the majority of people go wrong.

If you decide to cut out all sugar and fried foods tomorrow and start exercising for an hour a day, are you likely to stick with it long enough to see actual weight loss?

No, of course not. Plus you’ll be miserable! (Goodness knows I would be.)

Smaller, sustainable changes are way better for weight loss success.

For example, rather than eliminating all of your favorite foods, try finding healthier alternatives to them. A frozen pepperoni pizza can be homemade with whole wheat crust and heaps of veggies. Your Ben and Jerry’s ice cream can be swapped for Halo Top. And I’ve seen swapping Dr. Pepper Zero for regular Dr. Pepper do wonders on the scale for my clients.

Likewise, a 25 minute brisk walk a day is way better than a 60 minute walk for 3 days – and then stopping because you feel overwhelmed/short on time.

This all-or-nothing weight loss myth is definitely debunked.

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Myth #2) You will lose weight faster with health products.

This belief really gets me. There is absolutely no need for supplements or weight loss pills when you’re losing weight in a healthy, sustainable manner (I am, of course, not talking about supplements prescribed by a health care provider).

The only one that could potentially have benefits is protein powder, as it’s a good way to increase protein intake and increase fullness with meals that otherwise are lacking (such as a fruit smoothie). But even with protein powder you have to make sure you don’t overdo it.

Please do not buy in to the many marketing campaigns out there insisting you should buy multiple supplements. They are NOT the best way to lose weight.

You’d be way better off reevaluating your weight loss strategy and doing a program such as my 30 Day Weight Loss Kickstart. Achieving weight loss using health-focused strategies is the best for you long-term anyway.

Myth #3) Cardio is better than strength training.

Actually, those who lift weights while losing weight end up burning more FAT than their cardio-only counterparts. If you just do cardio, you’ll burn more MUSCLE along the way. So while you may still be seeing smaller numbers on the scale, you still may not be happy with your reflection in the mirror.

Plus, strength training is still be a tough form of exercise that torches calories. Throw in some metabolic moves (strength moves that also increase your heart rate), and you’ll accomplish way more than just cardio ever could.

strength training for weight loss

Myth #4) Exercise is more important than what you eat.

So often I encounter people who think that exercise is the end-all be-all of weight loss.

But honestly? What you eat is way more important.

It was hard for me to grasp at first – after all, I’m a personal trainer! Aren’t we supposed to think that exercise is the most important thing there is?

While exercise is certainly important for healthy living and can absolutely speed up weight loss, eating the proper portions of healthy, nourishing foods is the most crucial component to get on track.

Myth #5) If you “fall off the wagon,” you have no discipline.

Have you ever started a new healthy regimen, failed to stick with it, and then thought: “I have no self-control”?

The fact of the matter is that everyone struggles with motivation. Anytime you make healthy lifestyle changes there will be some amount of sacrifice involved. And that’s hard.

What many people overlook is just how important your mindset and motivation are. You are not an undisciplined person who’s incapable of a healthy lifestyle; you are a busy, hardworking person, pulled in a million directions, who struggles with fitness motivation just like everyone else.

And with the right mindset and proper motivational techniques, you could have stuck with those changes (assuming they were attainable and not “all-in” goals).

So, you may now be thinking, “That’s great, but how do you lose weight while avoiding those pitfalls? What’s the best way to lose weight the healthy way?

That’s exactly what my program is all about. It’s how I helped my clients to finally lose weight and get fit, all while optimizing their health at the same time. No fads, no unsustainable methods – just science-backed methods that WORK.

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