“Pretty much everything has a bill or an admittance fee, and your frugal self ain’t got the funds for that.”

Fun things to do with friends for free this weekend

Step 1: Go to a field of sunflowers.

Step 2: Walk around arm-in-arm.

Result: Your weekend is now epic.

If only life was that simple…

But in all seriousness, sometimes it’s hard to come up with fun things to do with friends for free! While it’s fun to try new restaurants and go to concerts or events, saving money can get pretty difficult when you’re doing that all the time.

Pretty much everything has a bill or an admittance fee, and your frugal self ain’t got the funds for that.

This post will go over 10 free (or at least pretty dang close to free) fun activities you can do with your friends this weekend – so you can have a dope weekend AND a dope savings account!

10 Fun Things to Do with Friends for Free:

1. Go on a picnic!

Go on a picnic with friends

Scrounge up food from your kitchens, pack ’em in a bag, and hit up a nearby park! Picnicking doesn’t have to be fancy!

All you need is some food that doesn’t have to be reheated and your best buds. Lay out in the sun and enjoy people watching to your hearts’ content!

2. Have a dog play-date!

Do you or some of your friends have dogs? Take them to a dog park and let them play!

You get to catch up with your friends and your dogs get to let out some energy – every dog parent’s dream!

And like I said, if you don’t have a dog then you get to play with your friend’s cute dog, which is a good way to make any day epic.

3. Go on a hike!

Speaking of parks, just get outdoors! The wonderful thing about most hiking trails is that they’re free. Simply load up a backpack with snacks and water bottles, lace up your sneakers, and hit the trails!

Not sure where to go? Read this post on how to find awesome hiking trails near you!

4. Go to a free show/event!

While, yes, many shows are not free, there definitely are some that are. Other than Facebook, one of my favorite places to look for events is Thrillist. Since I live near a big city, I can usually always find something to do for free that weekend.

If you don’t live in or near a big city, hit up Google and look for free events near you that weekend. Chances are there will be something!

It doesn’t have to be a huge event either. Going to coffee houses, poetry readings, and comedy shows have been some of my favorite outings!

5. Pool day/beach day!

Go to the beach or have a pool day with friends

Of course, if the weather’s nice and you have access, consider a pool or beach day with friends!

When in doubt, carpool to avoid multiple parking fees and bring your own food to avoid extra spending. Bring sunscreen and water and you can’t go wrong!

6. Host a movie night!

The movies can be effing expensive, so avoid the prices by having a movie night at home.

Keep it cheap with microwave popcorn, or spice it up with homemade themed drinks and snacks (here’s looking at you Pumpkin Pasties). Seriously, so fun.

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7. Have a “Friends-giving” style dinner night!

Friends-giving doesn’t have to wait ’til Thanksgiving! Arrange a similar dinner night with friends over the weekend instead.

How so? It’s up to you! Go potluck-style, with everyone bringing a dish to share, or make the meal together. Salad and pizza is an excellent option! You also can’t go wrong with tacos.

Dinner with friends at home will save you the cost of a pricey restaurant bill and tipping.

8. Make baked goods together!

Similarly, you could have a baking day instead! Put on an episode of The Great British Baking Show to get you in the mood and make a batch of your favorite cookies. Or try a new recipe you’ve never made before.

If you’re aiming to keep it healthy, try making this healthy banana bread recipe I made earlier this week!

9. Have a campfire!

Flock to whoever has a fire pit and spend the night huddled around the campfire. All you need is a little kindling, firewood, and a lighter (or flint and steel for you Survivor-types out there – mad respect).

Tell ghost stories (you’re never too old), play games, and just catch up with each other. And don’t forget the s’mores!

10. Host your own wine tasting!

Host a wine tasting at home with friends

Grab a bottle of wine you have sitting around or buy a (very!) cheap one at the store. Get a few friends together and have a cheap wine tasting!

The point here isn’t necessarily to find your new favorite wine. It’s more about that fact that you can still have fun trying new things, but at home with your friends!

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