7 Self Improvement Ideas to Unlock Your Full Potential

Staying stagnant sucks. There’s nothing worse than a year going by, only to realize you haven’t really grown at all. So today I’m sharing seven self improvement ideas so this doesn’t happen to you!

Self growth comes in a lot of different forms.

It could be expanding your skill set at work or simply learning about a new topic. It could also be more personal, such as discovering more about yourself or the world around you.

I love learning. And while I absolutely loved school, my three years out of college have shown me so many other ways to learn, grow, and become a better person.

It’s crucial that we continually push ourselves. It makes life a lot more fulfilling.

Learning also builds self esteem and confidence! So it’s needed not only to be a successful adult, but also for our mental wellness.

Some of these ideas can even be added to resumes or will impress your current boss – meaning they may even help you get a promotion or a better job!

So take initiative and better yourself with these seven genius strategies!

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7 Self Improvement Ideas

1. Get a certification

One great way to challenge yourself and grow is to get a certification. Certifications are a great way to expand your knowledge.

If you get a specialized certification in the same field as your job, you’ll show your manager that you’re extremely dedicated to growing as a professional. It may even open up new job opportunities!

But don’t think that a certification only has to do with your current job.

When I was working as a registered nurse, I realized that I wanted to learn more about fitness. That’s when I decided to pursue a NASM personal trainer certification.

Sure, it would open up some new job opportunities – and in the end, it did! – but I also wanted to expand my knowledge in a new area of interest.

So I spent 6 months studying in my free time. Then I signed up for and passed the proctored exam!

Not only did I grow in my knowledge of fitness, I also gained a love for self improvement and built up my self confidence. I had invested both time and money in pursuing a goal and had accomplished it!

Hands down, certifications are one of the best ways for you to achieve self improvement.

2. Go to a conference

Conferences are another great personal development tool. Often used for professional development, there are conferences for everything and every line of work.

During one shift at my last nursing job, my boss mentioned to me and my coworkers that there was a conference coming up for cardiac rehab professionals in our state. Knowing that conference attendance (especially on a Saturday) would show my boss initiative and dedication, I instantly said I would go. And my boss definitely took notice of who was there and who wasn’t.

The conference had experienced speakers who shared up-to-date information about the field and provided their insights. I learned a lot by attending, and I got to meet and network with lots of other health professionals.

There are plenty of conferences that don’t require you to be in a specific field either. If there aren’t any that align with your job, seek out another in a topic of interest.

If you have the opportunity to go to a conference, definitely seize it!

3. Study on your own time

Part of being an adult is recognizing your weaknesses and taking the initiative to work on them.

If there’s something you feel you need to learn, take the time to study up!

At my last nursing job, if I came across a disease or disorder I knew very little about, I would print out an article on it and read it that night after work. Yes, it’s almost like I gave myself homework. But it was easy to complete because I had a clear purpose behind what I was learning about.

Likewise, if you want to learn to do something around your house, go for it! Or take on a personal project and challenge yourself!

For example, this blog has allowed me to learn and grow like never before. I had to research hosting and a platform (SiteGround and WordPress all the way!), learn about themes, study up on pins and graphic design, refresh on grammar rules, and continually research health and fitness topics. I’m getting to grow every day!

Don’t be afraid to pursue an unfamiliar topic. It’s so, so rewarding!

4. Regularly review your values

Another great idea for self improvement is to regularly review your values. By this I mean regularly consider your priorities, goals in life, and what’s important to you.

Once you identify your top values, do a self check-in and see if your life actually aligns with these things.

Too often we get stuck in the rhythm of the 9-5 daily grind, with no thought to where we’re going or what we want to happen next.

Or even if you do know what your goals are, have you recently touched base with why those are your goals and if they still align with your values?

This may all seem kind of vague, so let me give you an example:

When I graduated college, I fully intended to go back to school at some point to be a nurse practitioner. Honestly, it was mostly because of the increased salary.

One year into nursing, I didn’t love my current role so I switched to another. During the 1.5 years at my next nursing job, I had to be honest with myself: my values had shifted. I no longer valued money very much. My top value was and is enjoying what I do every day. So I abandoned not only the nurse practitioner goal, but also my nursing career altogether and am much, much happier.

If you’re unsure where to start, I highly recommend checking out some YouTube videos about evaluating your values. Some of my favorites are by muchelleb.

This whole video below is great, but she includes a wonderful piece on values that starts at 3:26.

5. Read a nonfiction book

Reading a nonfiction book is a great way to grow and expand your knowledge.

There are so many topics to pick from that will help you grow as an individual. You could read about history, health, or finance. You could even read a book geared towards self improvement.

Personally, I’ve read books in all of these categories and found them extremely educational and beneficial.

6. Pick a new healthy goal every week

One of my favorite job benefits I’ve ever had was a healthy incentive program. The more health-related goals I made and achieved, the more money my employer would put into my Health Savings Account.

I think this is pure genius. Regularly working towards these goals made me more conscientious of my health. I routinely reassessed what I wanted to work towards and became better at tracking my progress.

I’d highly recommend doing something similar in your own life.

Some examples could be working out 5 days a week, strength training 2 days a week, eating 5 servings of fruits/vegetables every day, or committing to 8 hours of sleep every night.

Your health is one of the most important responsibilities you have in your life. Picking a new healthy goal to work towards every week is a great way to grow and better yourself.

7. Take a course (on Skillshare)

If you want to learn something new but don’t want or necessarily need to get a certification, taking a course on a platform such as Skillshare is the perfect option.

On Skillshare, people with expertise in an area make short online courses for members to take.

There are a TON of topics on there. The main categories are Creative, Business, Technology, and Lifestyle, and those cover so much.

I started my membership about a year ago when I wanted to learn more about photography. My favorite part is that the membership covers all the classes and topics. So you don’t have to debate which to pick – you can take any one you want.

They also let you try it out for free, so there’s no risk in poking around and trying out a couple courses. Which was perfect for little ole’ frugal me!

Check out Skillshare here!

Not only will you increase your knowledge and skills by doing the things on this list, you’ll also have the pleasure of knowing you took time to invest in yourself. Just that knowledge can help you feel more accomplished, fulfilled, and happy.

You always have time for the things you prioritize. Your self improvement and growth should absolutely be a top priority in life!

Here are 7 self improvement ideas I've personally used myself and have absolutely contributed to my self betterment. If you're trying to grow and create a better self, try out these 7 strategies to unlock your full potential! #selfimprovement #selfbetterment #selfesteemimprovement #abetterself #selfgrowth #adulting
Dreaming of reaching your goals and creating a better self? These self improvement ideas are the ultimate way to achieve self betterment, so you can make your dreams a reality! Let's do this! #selfimprovement #selfbetterment #abetterself #betteryourself #personalgrowth #adulting

Which of the ideas on this list would you be interested in? Let me know in the comments below!