25 Powerful Positive Affirmations for Women During a Bad Day at Work

Not every day is a good day. Period.

I don’t think you can just will yourself to have a good day. Especially when external factors, like work, create some issues.

This post might seem highly specific. I’m providing you with a list of powerful affirmations for women, to use especially during a rough work day.

Why did I want this list of affirmations to hit these specific criteria?

Because as I’ve slowly tailored this blog to women – most specifically, young women in and recently out of college like myself – I’ve realized that we young women don’t talk about how much work can suck sometimes.

Sure, I’ve had some tough jobs right out of college, but haven’t we all?

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Every job has it’s unique challenges.

Today it may be a demeaning coworker and a copy machine that just won’t work, tomorrow maybe it’s a hysterical client and an unfulfilling role.

I think it’s important for you to know that you’re not alone. Life can be really hard, and our jobs can be a big contributor.

The Power of Positive Thinking?

Yes, it’s real!

While I don’t believe that just thinking you’re going to have a good day will actually result in a good day, having a focal point when the going gets tough will help you push through.

I know because I’ve tried it.

Back in the final months of my last job (that I was no longer enjoying), my mom sent me a bracelet that said, “enjoy the journey.” Instead of wearing it as a bracelet, I wore it as an anklet, hidden under my nursing scrubs as a secret sort of talisman.

It was like a beacon for me to focus on. When the day was dragging on or a patient was being difficult, I remembered to “enjoy the journey.” I remembered to appreciate learning and growing, and I was reminded to enjoy the little things every day.

Affirmations are statements about yourself that you repeat to yourself.

“Enjoy the journey” isn’t exactly a positive affirmation. Instead of the phrase, I could’ve used the affirmation, “I enjoy the journey every day.”

Telling yourself phrases like these will help you change your perspective from negative to positive.

Positive affirmations for working women

This technique can turn a situation completely around. And it can also simply be inspirational and keep you motivated.

If you’re curious about the history of positive affirmations and how they were discovered to be so effective, check out this post written by Jenny Lewis.

Whether you understand how positive affirmations work or not, read through this list of my favorites below and you’ll see what I mean. Each of these positive affirmations for women are perfect for use in the workplace, especially on a bad day at work.

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25 Positive Affirmations for Women During a Bad Day at Work

1. I am learning to become a better me every day.

2. I have more than enough value.

3. I always give my all.

4. I acknowledge my fear and I do it anyway.

5. I am stronger than I was yesterday.

6. I am talented, ambitious, and making my dreams come true.

7. I am woman, hear me roar.

8. I am talented and capable.

9. I am proud of what I’ve done and what I’m doing.

10. I am willing to do the work needed to achieve my dreams.

11. I am open to constructive criticism and welcome improvement.

12. I am prepared to handle all tasks that come to me.

13. I believe in my skills and talents.

14. I am a strong, confident woman who accomplishes her goals.

Side note: any Friends fans here??

15. I am patient with myself and those around me.

16. I take the time to breathe before I react.

17. I choose to respond with love in moments of stress.

18. I welcome these challenges for my growth.

19. I allow others to grow at their own pace.

20. I am happy for other people’s success and encourage others to grow.

21. I am motivated, consistent and determined.

22. I feel calm and centered even in hard situations.

23. I handle stressful things with wisdom and clarity.

24. The one thing I can control is my reaction.

25. I’m in charge of how I feel today, and I choose happiness.

One idea I love is picking a new positive affirmation every day and writing it down. You could write it on this Etsy Whiteboard at night before bed. Hang it in the place you spend most of your time getting ready in the morning. Then you have positive inspiration waiting for you as soon as you wake up.

Positive affirmations for women

Photo used in pin is created by yanalya – www.freepik.com

You could also write out your favorite positive affirmations in a notebook such as this “I can and I will” Quote Notebook, also from Etsy. Keep it in your bag or purse, and take a peek at it when you need an extra bit of motivation during the day.

I love these positive affirmations for women. I think they’re all extremely applicable for a bad day at work, and I hope you find them effective as well.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy day, every day!

Try out these positive affirmations for women when you have a bad day at work! All of these daily affirmations are extremely powerful and will help you turn even the toughest work days around. #positiveaffirmations #positiveaffirmationsforwomen #baddayatwork #workingwomen #careeradvice
Work getting you down? Here are 25 powerful and effective positive affirmations for women during at bad day at work. Trust me, these are the ultimate pick-me-up when you're feeling down. #positiveaffirmations #positiveaffirmationsforwomen #baddayatwork #bossbabe #adultingtips #careeradvice

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