Tazo Calm Chamomile Tea Bags for Relaxation Gifts

There’s nothing like coming home from a loooong day at work and having something relaxing to look forward to.

In the past I’ve used bubble baths, face masks, yoga, and – no surprise here – other forms of exercise too. And I would still highly recommend all those things! But while these are all amazing ways to relax, I was curious about the other ideas out there. After looking all over the web, I’ve compiled a list of perfect relaxation gifts that I think anyone could benefit from using.

Just like these wellness books, the things on this would make excellent gifts (for others, and yourself!). They’re useful for anyone in your life who’s always going and pushing themselves to the limit. All of these items help remind us to slow down amidst the chaos and take a little time for ourselves. Let’s dive in!

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All About the Aroma

Calming aromas can help us relax and help us sleep. Essential oils have soothing components; lavender in particular is a proven stress-reliever. That makes them perfect gifts for pretty much anyone.

Essential Oil Diffuser

These essential oil diffusers would be great for the yogi or meditator in your life, or just someone who needs to unwind after a particularly trying day.

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser – Amazon

Ceramic Essential Oil Burner (Bamboo Wood) – Amazon

Essential Oil Sampler Gift Set – Amazon


Speaking of lavender, why not gift an aromatherapy candle?

Lavender Candle

As if candles aren’t relaxing enough, try out this appropriately-occasioned one on a close, good-humored friend.

Soy Relaxation Candle

Personally, my favorites are vanilla scented candles.

Vanilla Candle

Scented Eye Pillow

Scented eye pillows are also extremely relaxing. They create a sense of comfort while blocking out harsh light. I first used a lavender one at the end of a yoga class during savasana and it was so so calming. This scented eye pillow from Amazon is just like that one.

Scented eye pillow

Essential Oil Roller Ball

Give the gift of stress relief anywhere you go! I love the idea of having this essential oil roller ball stashed in a purse ready for use whenever, wherever.

Essential Oil Roller Ball

Bath Time

I don’t care if it’s cliche, a good bath is the ultimate form of relaxation. Just lay back and close your eyes? Sign me up! Here are some gifts to take baths from just nice, to perfect!

Epsom Salts

These epsom salts come in four scents. Besides just smelling nice, bath salts also do wonders for your skin.

Epsom Bath Salts

Bath Gift Set

It wouldn’t be Content With Coffee if I didn’t have something coffee related on here. Isn’t this the cutest little bath gift set?

Coffee Bath Gift Set

Bath Pillow

It’s all fun and games until you lean back against the hard, freezing cold tub. Here’s a bath pillow people are raving about.

Bathtub Spa Pillow For Head, Neck, Shoulder, and Back Support – Amazon

Don’t neglect the booty either. Make your bath as comfortable on the tailbone as possible with this pillow.

Waterproof Foam Bath Seat Cushion – Amazon

Bath Tray

And if you want to make someone feel like a bath Queen (or King!), give them this awesome wooden bath tray.

Royal Craft Wood Luxury Bamboo Bathtub Tray – Amazon

Wine Holder

Because let’s be real, everyone could use one of these.

Bath Wine Holder

Cozy and Comfortable Relaxation Gifts

Microwave Heating Pad

The design on this microwave heating pad is so cute. I love the size of it too!

Microwave Heating Pad

Microwave Foot Warmers

I’m so in love with these . I’ve literally never heard of anyone making foot warmers like these before, and for someone who ALWAYS has cold feet, I know I could do with a pair. They have great reviews as well – a great comfort gift for anyone.

Microwave Foot Warmers

Home Decor

Ambiance is everything. What we surround ourselves with matters.

Soak, Relax, Unwind Signs

Personally, I love witty signs that are cute but have a good message, like this one.

Home decor relax sign

Relax Sign

Or ones that are short and sweet. This sign is simple and comes in many different colors to match your decor.

Relax Home Decor Sign

Leave Your Worries at the Door(mat)

What better reminder to be present in the moment? At the time of writing this there’s only ONE of these doormats left on Etsy! So if you want it, act fast!

Leave Your Worries at the Door Doormat

The Little Things

Stress Less Cards

Now these are the perfect gift for someone with anxiety that can strike at any time of day. These stress less cards from Amazon have advice and reminders to just breathe and relax. Stashed in a purse or bag, these cards are easily available whenever an anxiety attack is approaching. Even for those without anxiety, this gift provides a lovely reminder that life isn’t always about going going going.

Adult Coloring Book

Adult coloring books are a new craze that I totally am on board with. Completely empty your mind about anything other than coloring in the lines and enjoy beautiful pictures, like the ones in this book of a cute little town. p.s. It’s also a printable so you can download it immediately, making it a great last minute gift!

Adult Coloring Book

Herbal Tea

There’s nothing quite as cozy as a cup of tea. These would make perfect relaxation gifts for the tea lover in your life.

Unique Tea Sampler

I found this wonderfully unique tea sampler on Etsy. Not only does the tea itself have great reviews, but look at that presentation!

Tea Gift Loose Leaf

Tea Gift Set

Here’s another beautiful tea gift set with great reviews from Etsy.

Tea Gift Set

Tea Subscription Box

Okay, I don’t really do subscription boxes because I find many tend to be pricey and not give you all that much. But I’m absolutely in love with this one and have firsthand experience with it.

Sips by is a tea subscription box based here in Austin, TX. And guys, I LOVE Sips by. You take a quiz beforehand about the types of tea you like, and then they send you four servings of four different teas each month. They also send you discount codes for each tea brand so if you like it enough to buy more, you can do so at a cheaper cost. Not only did I like one of the teas enough to NEED to buy a big container of it, but I also gifted this subscription box to my mom for Christmas. She’s also already bought one of the teas they sent.

It’s a perfect gift that keeps on giving – $45 total for 3 months worth of boxes. If you know a tea lover, get them this!

My Two Favorites for Relaxing

My two all-time FAVORITE teas are Tazo Calm Chamomile and Twinings Winter Spice. Order them from Amazon and pair them with a great mug – you’ve got a stellar gift anyone would love.

Humorous Mug

I love a mug with a funny or inspiring saying. This mug is potentially perfect.

Let that shit go mug

I’m Thinking of You Gifts

Pura Vida

While sending thoughtful notes to people is extremely sweet and uplifting, there’s nothing quite like a concrete daily reminder that someone’s thinking of you.

During a recent hard period in my life, my mom sent me a pura vida bracelet and ring as gifts so that I could wear them every day and know my family was thinking about me. It’s an incredibly comforting thought. The ring she got me is in the shape of a wave, so it’s also a reminder to “go with the flow” despite what the day brings. I absolutely love it and would highly recommend giving these simple yet beautifully designed pieces to others.

Pura Vida Mini Braided Blue Ocean Beaded Bracelet – Amazon

Pura Vida Silver Aspen Mediterranean Green Bracelet – Amazon

Pura Vida Silver Ocean Wave Ring Sterling Silver – Amazon

Box of Sunshine

Possibly my favorite idea on this list is this Box of Sunshine Gift. What a thoughtful way to let someone know you’re thinking about them and to brighten their day!

Box of Sunshine Gift

That’s all I got for now! These would all make excellent gifts year-round for friends and family.

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Let me know if you give any of these self-care gifts to your friends or family! I’d love to know how they like them!