kitchen gifts for healthy eaters

25 Kitchen Gifts for Healthy Eaters

Have you been scouring stores and websites, trying to find a gift for your health-conscious friend? Or maybe your friends who’s working really hard to lose weight?

Cocktail recipe books and cute hot chocolate kits may be a fun idea, but it’s a bit more thoughtful and personal to give them something that aids their goals.

These 25 kitchen gifts for healthy eaters (or aspiring healthy eaters) are unique, fun, and super helpful. Many remove an inconvenience you face while eating healthy.

So take a look because I know that your healthy friends will want something – if not everything – off this list.

(And stay until the end! I saved some of the best for last!)

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25 Creative Kitchen Gifts for Healthy Eaters

1 | Veggie Lovers Cooking Kit

Instead of giving a restaurant gift card, help cut down on cooking time with the veggie lovers cooking kit, which includes 6 delicious spice packets.

cooking spice mix gift

2 | Cook’s Book Kitchen Scale

A cooking scale is such a helpful tool for any kitchen, but especially so for those who are health conscious or are watching their weight.

kitchen scale book

3 | Healthy Eaters Vegan Snack Box

Not all vegan snacks are healthy, but these ones are! This healthy vegan snack box is such a lovely gift for any vegan friends or family members.

healthy vegan snack box gift

4 | Healthy Cookie Gift Box

Along the same lines, who doesn’t wish they had healthier dessert options?Give the gift of healthy sweets with this protein cookie gift box.

healthy cookie gift box

5 | Kitchen Conversion Magnet

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to pull my phone out for a quick conversion while cooking or baking. This kitchen conversion magnet is super cute and practical.

cooking conversion chart magnet

6 | DIY Chocolate Bar Maker

The DIY chocolate bar maker is a really thoughtful way to gift some sweets – while letting the receiver add whatever they want to it. For a complete gift, accompany it with a couple bars of dark chocolate and a bag of healthy toppings, like unsweetened coconut flakes or goji berries.

chocolate bar molds

7 | Superfood Mix Starter Pack

Help your healthy friends switch up their same-old smoothies with these superfood mix packets.

smoothie superfood powders

8 | Press & Infuse Bottle

Because I’m not a big fan of soda or sugary juices, I’m ALL about fruit-infused water. This press & infuse water bottle is super easy to use and the perfect healthy gift.

fruit infused water bottle

9 | On-the-Go Fruit & Veggie Colander

There have been so many days I’ve quickly prepared a fruit/veggie snack and dashed out the door. This on-the-go colander container would have come in so handy! After rinsing, just throw the colander in the container and it catches any excess water in the bottom.

on-the-go fruit and veggie colander container

10 | Sealed Soup Jar

If you make the effort to pack your own lunch, the last thing you deserve is to have it leaking everywhere. Where has this soup jar and spoon combo been all my life?

on-the-go soup jar

11 | Microwave Omelet Maker

Who has the time for stovetop cooking in the morning? Not me! This 45 second omelet maker provides a protein- and veggie-packed meal in mere minutes, making it one of the BEST kitchen gifts for healthy eaters.

microwave omelet maker

12 | Food Hugger Set

I love cooking at home but hate wasting plastic wrap to keep my fruits and vegetables fresh. The food hugger set is a reusable, environmentally friendly alternative.

reusable food hugger set

13 | Meal Prep Book

If you know someone who’s trying to lose weight, this meal prep book is legit the PERFECT gift. So many wish they could meal prep but don’t know how to go about it. This is how.

Meal Prep for Weight Loss Cookbook

14 | Sustainable Veggie Scrubbing Set

Whenever I clean potatoes and mushrooms, I always wish I have a veggie scrubber set like this one. And it includes three different brushes with bristles for particular veggies!

veggie scrubber set gift

15 | Reusable Bowl Covers

I know I keep saying this, but maybe the most convenient of kitchen gifts for healthy eaters are these reusable bowl covers. I’m obsessed. Machine-washable and unbelievably cute, I’m not sure who wouldn’t like this. (Plus, they come in lots of different patterns – though this is my favorite).

reusable bowl covers

16 | Portable Reusable Fork

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wished I had something like this. I’ve legit saran wrapped the tong-end of my fork to keep it clean in my work bag…I know!

This reusable fork is the perfect solution. All about being environmentally friendly!

portable reusable fork

17 | Portable Glass Water Bottle

Glass water bottles are the way to go, nowadays. Avoid gross plastic/metallic tastes and drink worry-free of harmful chemicals seeping in. Plus, with it’s protective covering, it’s much less likely to break.

glass water bottle

18 | Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden

Help your friends and family spice up their meals with these adorable herb jars. I won’t pretend to know much about the smart hydroponic system works, but anything that makes it harder for me to kill plants is a win in my book!

mason jar herb growing kit

19 | NutriBullet

A NutriBullet has actually been on my wishlist since it’s so much easier to clean than a blender. And I just found it for the cheapest price yet at Target!


20 | Glass Cordless Kettle

Obsessed with this glass cordless kettle. You won’t have to worry about chemicals from plastic leeching into your water – or even worry about an outlet or stove! (Also great for college students).

electric glass kettle

21 | Sips by Tea Subscription

I always include Sips by in my gift guides now because it’s such a great gift. I’ve tried out this subscription myself and loved it so much I gifted it to my mom last Christmas. You’ve got to check it out!

Sips by

22 | Movie Night Popcorn Seasoning Gift Set

Make plain popcorn more fun with this popcorn seasoning set. While all but the mojito lime contain salt, you control how much seasoning to put on. And it’s definitely a good way to avoid all the butter!

healthy popcorn seasoning gift set

23 | Overnight Oats Stocking Stuffer

I remember gifting mason jars with cookie ingredients to my school teachers growing up. Now here’s the healthy and ~trendy~ version haha. There are two overnight oats flavors to choose from – banana peanut butter and chocolate espresso. Also perfect for a teacher, coworker, or anyone you want to show a little appreciation.

healthy overnight oats stocking stuffer

24 | Air Fryer

When I hear air fryer, I think expensive. But this air fryer is extremely affordable and would make a wonderful kitchen gift for healthy eaters. Buh-bye greasy food!

air fryer healthy kitchen gift

25 | SodaStream Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker

With this little gem, you cut out both the sugary, store-bought drink AND their cost. This sparkling water maker is such a unique and fun gift.

healthy sparkling water maker

Thanks for visiting! I hope you found a great healthy kitchen gift for the healthy eater in your life!

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25 Kitchen Gifts for Healthy Eaters