how to burn 300 calories a day

Wondering how to burn 300 calories a day without exercise?

You’re in the right place.

Who said that exercise has to be running, spin classes, and hours on the elliptical?

Exercise should be something you enjoy. Something that your mind loves just as much as your body.

So does exercise need to be a formal workout of blood, sweat, and tears?


I’ve done a bit of research for you and have found 5 different ways to burn 300 calories a day without exercise. On their own, they’re great calorie torchers. And some of them are even more effective with a few small modifications.

Keep reading to learn these 5 ways to burn 300 calories a day.

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How to Burn 300 Calories a Day (Without Exercise)

*These are all estimates based on a person who weighs 200 lbs. Actual calories burned depend on your weight, sex, and fitness level. For best fitness results, don’t forget to also incorporate purposeful exercise into your weekly routine, including both sustained cardio and resistance training.

1. Mowing your yard

That’s right – here’s the extra incentive to mow your yard this weekend.

Mowing your yard burns approximately 300 calories per 35 minutes.

The resource I used to get this number doesn’t specify between a push mower and a self-propelled one. It’s logically safe to say they’re referring to a push mower, as they require much more effort to move around the yard. That’s not to say you won’t expend any calories with a self-propellent mower, especially if your yard is uneven. You’ll still be walking around and emptying the bag of clippings as well. However, it may be a bit less than 300 calories.

But if you do have a push mower, you’ll definitely get a good workout in.

So next time you’re considering putting it off another week, slather on some sunscreen and get out there. Your yard – and body – will thank you.

couple dancing and cleaning

2. Dancing around the house

I love turning on a fun playlist and dancing around the house. And honestly? Now I know it’s so good for me I’m going to start doing it more!

Low impact aerobic dancing burns about 300 calories per 38 minutes. Which means that just dancing around your house is actually a dang good workout.

Consider cranking up the music for those “mundane” tasks, like cleaning or cooking. You’ll not only enjoy yourself, you’ll have uncovered how to burn 300 calories a day without exercise.

3. Pool day with friends

We all love going to the pool with friends, but what if I told you it could be a good workout too?

Next time you go, trade in some of your sunbathing for swimming. Between a mix of treading water, water “jogging,” and just plain playing around in the water, you can burn 300 calories in approximately 30 minutes. Water jogging is the best of the three, burning around 300 calories in 24 minutes alone.

Take advantage of your next pool day and throw in a little water exercise. As you can see, it doesn’t take much to pay off.

4. Bowling

In keeping with our theme, I’ve got another way to burn 300 calories a day while hanging out with friends.

Bowling is an underrated way to stay active.

Just think about it: you have to frequently get up and walk around, pick up heavy objects, and then get some momentum while essentially throwing said heavy object (hopefully in a more controlled manner than I usually achieve).

Since it’s a little more laidback and does involve some sitting, it takes approximately 63 minutes to burn 300 calories. But all things considered, it’s a way more effective calorie burner than going to the movies or out for drinks.

family hiking

5. Hiking

I wanted to include hiking because it’s a great way to get active without it feeling like an actual workout. Hiking is something you can do with friends or family, and it can even be made into a fun day’s outing.

And it burns about 300 calories in 32 minutes alone.

To get even more bang for your buck, select a path with uneven terrain, add some more elevation, and keep the speed brisk and the calories won’t even know what hit them.

And since only a little planning is often involved, hiking is also a great last minute weekend activity.

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How to burn 300 calories a day without exercise