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10 Healthy Pumpkin Recipe Ideas for Fall

Fall is finally here! And I don’t mean just the first “official” day of fall. I mean the cold fronts are sweeping in and finally sending us indoors, searching for coats, blankets, and warm, delicious foods.

The first time I felt chilly walking outside, I could practically smell the pumpkin spice in the air.

I feel like you either love pumpkin season, or you absolutely detest it.

But since you’re here reading this post, I’m going to guess that you’re like me and are all about it!

As a health and fitness professional, what I DON’T love is the heaping piles of sugar we inevitably consume with our pumpkin treats. Sugar – not eggs, not red meats, not even butter – is the biggest dietary contributor to high cholesterol and heart disease. It’s upsetting to think that these delicious treats we prepare for our family and friends could be hurting them in the end.

I know, I’m a real Debbie Downer.

But that’s why I wrote this post! Because we all look forward to these treats and shouldn’t have to give them up. So I’ve collected 10 healthy pumpkin recipes you can feel good about making and sharing.

I’ve got a mix of healthy pumpkin pastries, entrees, and even drinks, so none of your favorites have to be left out!

Each recipe was carefully evaluated before being included, meaning each has MUCH less sugar than the originals, as well as less butter, oils, dairy, etc.

So scroll through, find your favorites, and maybe even discover a new healthy pumpkin recipe that you’ll use year after year!

10 Healthy Pumpkin Recipe Ideas for Fall

1 | One-Bowl Pumpkin Bread (vegan, gf)

First up is a pumpkin bread! This recipe is by the Minimalist Baker and is one of my favorites. I’ve made it multiple times. I love it because it’s vegan, simple to make, and absolutely delicious!

2 | Pumpkin Oatmeal Pancakes (dairy-free w/ vegan options, gf)

This recipe, besides having minimal unhealthy ingredients, is a winner because of it’s quick clean-up. With just a blender and a pan, you won’t be doing dishes for hours.

Since it requires minimal sugar, this recipe fits our healthy criteria perfectly. I think another fun addition would be throwing in dark chocolate chips. Pumpkin and chocolate is always a winning flavor combination.

3 | Pumpkin Donuts (vegan, gf)

I’m a huge fan of seasonally-flavored donuts. These pumpkin donuts are stunning! You’d never know they were healthy by looking at them, but they are made from nutrient-dense ingredients.

4 | Healthy Pumpkin Pie (dairy-free w/ vegan options)

Healthy pumpkin pie recipe
Recipe by Ambitious Kitchen

Sweetened with pure maple syrup and coconut sugar, his pumpkin pie will give you way less of a blood sugar spike than your typical Thanksgiving dessert. And with almond milk, vegan butter, and a flax egg instead of the regular eggs listed, you’ve got yourself a vegan dessert! Gotta love a health-ified pumpkin pie that still tastes delicious.

5 | Pumpkin Bars (vegan, gf)

I mean, just look at that gooey icing!

With minimal sugar added in the form of 1/3 cup maple syrup, you can eat these cake bars guilt-free. If you choose to add icing (which I sure as heck do), the second option listed (maple cashew icing) is your best choice for minimizing sugar in the final product.

6 | Pumpkin, Pecans, and Chocolate Fudge (vegan, gf)

When I stumbled across this recipe, I knew instantly I had to include it on this list. I mean, who’s heard of healthy fudge?? Vegan, gluten-free, and refined-sugar-free, low and behold, here it is!

7 | Creamy Pumpkin Soup (vegan, gf)

I had such a hard time narrowing down which pumpkin recipe to use from Well and Full – because there are so many amazing ones. This one takes the cake. With thoughtfully chosen spices and wholesome ingredients, I’m so excited to share this creamy pumpkin soup with you!

8 | Pumpkin Pasta in Parmesan Garlic Cream Sauce

While this recipe has a good dose of heavy whipping cream, remember what I said above. It’s sugar more than anything that contributes to today’s most popular health concerns. For example, I worry far less about putting heavy cream into my coffee than putting pumps of syrup into it.

With its higher fat content, this recipe will keep you full and be the perfect comfort food. And if you’re worried about the amount of heavy cream, try using a lighter milk such as 2% and adding cornstarch or arrowroot powder to thicken it!

9 | Skinny Pumpkin Spice Latte (vegan, gf)

Skinny pumpkin spice latte
Recipe by Amy’s Healthy Baking

If you know anything about me, it’s that I looove a good pumpkin spice latte. And having worked at Starbucks in the past, I can make a good PSL too. But yes, they have heaps of sugar in them and should absolutely be considered a special treat. This one is a much healthier version, with real pumpkin and MUCH less sugar.

10 | Pumpkin Chai Latte (vegan, gf)

With tons of tasty pumpkin recipes, I also had some difficultly selecting my favorite from Cookie and Kate. But of all her healthy pumpkin recipe ideas, I had to include this one. Kate’s done an amazing job of concocting a drink that not only tastes delicious, but has a great texture as well. Try this recipe out – you won’t be disappointed!

Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed these fall healthy pumpkin recipe ideas, you may also like my post on 10 healthy winter cocktails.

Healthy Pumpkin Recipe Ideas for a Cozy Fall