Full Body Workout for Busy People

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I’m excited to share with you a full-body workout for busy people – a group of people near and dear to my heart.

Because I’m one of you. My schedule is often filled to the brim, likely to spill over if I drop a workout in too. But I have fitness goals and want to stay healthy. Simply skipping workouts day-after-day may sound like the easy choice, but wouldn’t do much to advance my fitness.

So quick, full-body workouts have become my bread and butter.

And this is the fast and effective workout of your dreams.

Please note: Check with your physician before starting any exercise routine or starting any particular diet. See this Disclaimer for more details. This post may contain affiliate links. For details, please visit my Disclosure page. Thank you!

What makes this workout different?

In other words, why shouldn’t you click the back button and try out another “of your dreams” workout?

Because I’ve accounted for everything you could want in a workout for busy people. This workout:

  • Takes only 24 minutes
  • Includes a warm-up and cool-down stretch
  • Is full-body: hits legs, butt, arms, chest, back, and abs. More specifically, it also hits your quads, hamstrings, biceps, triceps, and shoulders.
  • Has an ab circuit – because who doesn’t want to define those abs?
  • Includes combination/compound moves to hit multiple muscle groups during ONE move #efficiency
  • Has stabilization moves (balance) and power moves (in this case, jumping) to strengthen you further
  • Alternates strength training moves with cardio moves to get in cardiovascular training and burn maximum calories

It also only requires one light/medium set of dumbbells and a soft surface for core work, such as an exercise mat.

In other words:

If this isn’t the best workout for busy people, I don’t know what is.

Quick Update:

Edit 6/16/20 – Target has neoprene dumbbells back in stock! If you don’t have any, check here to see if they have the weight you need:

(For the set of dumbbells, select a weight where you can perform bicep curls into an overhead press for 45 seconds at a time. For many women, 7-8 lbs is a great place to start.)

And because it does target everything, I’d recommend doing this workout every other day to give your muscles a day to recover. On your off days, you can perform straight cardio for 20-30 minutes. This will get you a very well-rounded exercise routine – without spending hours on hours working out.

Here’s an example of a schedule:

Full-Body Workout25 Min CardioFull-Body WorkoutRESTFull-Body Workout30 Min CardioREST

Now that you can’t wait to see this dream workout for busy people, let’s get to it!

24 Minute Full-Body Workout for Busy People

Warm-Up: 2 Minutes

30 seconds – Hip-width alternating toe touches

30 seconds – Low side-to-side lunges

30 seconds – Shoulder circles (15 sec. forward, 15 sec. backward)

30 seconds – Cat-cow

Workout Part 1 – Strength and Cardio: 10.5 Minutes

45 SecondsDeadliftLight/medium dumbbells.
45 SecondsIn-and-out jump squatsFrom shoulder-width to sumo squat stance. No weights.
45 SecondsSingle-leg bicep curl to pressLight/medium dumbbells. First round on left leg, second round on right.
45 SecondsJumping jacksNo weights. Go quick! Now is the time get your heart rate up!
45 SecondsBent-over row to tricep extensionLight/medium dumbbells. Keep your back flat and your abs engaged.
45 SecondsBurpeesWith push-up and jump (okay to do push-ups on knees). No weights. Full effort here!
45 SecondsRESTTime to recover.
Repeat circuit 1 more time! (Bolded exercises are cardio moves)

Workout Part 2 – Ab Circuit: 6.5 Minutes

30 SecondsCrunch to toesLegs straight up in the air.
30 SecondsPlank around the worldKeep each extremity up for 2 seconds. Think slow and controlled.
30 SecondsPlank hip dipsWe’re working those obliques!
30 SecondsFlutter kicksKeep your lower back plastered to the ground. Raise your legs higher if you need.
30 SecondsLeft side plank with reach underTwisting moves are great for the obliques! Here we come 11 abs!
30 SecondsRight side plank with reach underNow hit the other side!
30 second rest and repeat circuit 1 more time! Second time through? Go straight into the cool-down stretches.

Cool-Down Stretch: 5 Minutes

60 seconds – Quad Stretch

30 seconds – Bicep Stretch

30 seconds – Cobra

60 seconds – Glute Stretch

60 seconds – Shoulder Stretch

60 seconds- Tricep Stretch

Yes!! You did it you rockstar! Now make a schedule and bookmark this page or pin the image below to Pinterest so you can find this workout again.

Fitness goals, here we come!

Full Body Workout for Busy People

Photo in pin was created by freepik – www.freepik.com

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