Full body exercises

I’m all about efficiency: in work, in chores, in cooking – and in fitness!

If you’re lacking time or are looking to tone all-over (let’s face it, who isnt?), then you’ve come to the right place. Today I’ve got some great exercises that work your whole body at once!

Make no mistake. This is NOT a full-body workout.

Meaning, I wouldn’t do all of these exercises during one workout because many target similar areas.

But these are great full-body exercises to add into your normal workout routine or to use in place of other, more targeted exercises.

What is a total-body exercise?

It means it works both your upper and your lower body in just one exercise. Many of the moves work multiple muscles in these areas as well. They also force your core to engage and stabilize you.

The benefits of these exercises are HUGE:

1. You effectively train multiple parts of your body at once.

2. You save time by shortening your exercise duration.

3. You perform functional movements that prepare your body for everyday activities (reducing the chance of injuring yourself!).

4. You get cardio in at the same time.

If these aren’t good reasons to try these full-body exercises, then I don’t know what is!

So work some of these into your routine today! Let’s get fit!

10 Dope Full-Body Exercises

1. Thrusters (also called Squat to Overhead Press)

This is a perfect beginning exercise for those who are new to combination movements. Work your upper and lower body in one seamless move!

Targets: Butt, legs, shoulders, arms, back, chest


– Push through your heels when standing up from the squat

– Keep chest up

– Don’t arch your back when raising the weights overhead

– Don’t bring your hands together during the overhead press (keep your hands above your shoulders – protects you from shoulder injury)

2. Dumbbell Hammer Curl to Lunge to Overhead Press

This full-body exercise has three in one. Talk about efficient!

Targets: Arms, butt, legs, shoulders, back, chest


– Don’t swing the weights, instead move slow and controlled

– Make sure to step far enough forward so your front knee doesn’t go over your toes

– Don’t bring your hands together during the overhead press (keep your hands above your shoulders – protects you from shoulder injury)

3. Plank

While the plank is a common ab exercise, it’s become so popular because it works many muscles at once. So next time you’re tempted to skip the challenging plank, remember all of its benefits and muscle through!

Targets: Abs, legs, shoulders, butt, chest, back


– Keep body in a straight line without letting hips sag or rise

– Squeeze abs, glutes, and quads

– Breathe evenly – don’t hold your breath!

– Don’t clasp your hands, instead keep arms parallel

4. Romanian Deadlift to Row

This is a great exercise because the deadlift targets your legs and butt while the row targets your arms and back. By squeezing your abs, you work them too!

Targets: Butt, legs, shoulders, back, arms


– Engage your core

– Tuck your chin

– Use hips to drive the deadlift motion

– Squeeze glutes at the top of the deadlift

– Relax your shoulder blades down

5. Burpee

We love to hate ’em. But the reason we all consider burpees the worst is because they work your whole body. So no, they’re not the easiest to perform, but dang do they pay off!

Targets: Shoulders, chest, legs, butt, abs, arms


– For the full benefits, make sure you do a push-up at the bottom and a jump at the top

6. Kettlebell Swing

The kettlebell swing is a dynamic, full-body exercise that is so, so beneficial. This one simple movement gets multiple muscle groups firing, while also elevating your heart rate so you achieve some cardio. Win-win!

Targets: Butt, legs, abs, arms


– Slightly bend your knees – but don’t squat!

– Use hips to drive the movement

– Squeeze glutes when you stand up straight

7. Step-Up to Curl to Overhead Press

Targets: Butt, legs, arms, shoulders, back, chest


– Keep your chest tall and over your hips

– Push through your heel when stepping up onto the elevated surface

– Use a slow and controlled movement during the curl – don’t swing!

– Don’t bring your hands together during the overhead press (keep your hands above your shoulders – protects you from shoulder injury)

8. Lawn Mower Pull

The name of this exercise gives away just how helpful it is in everyday life. We’re always twisting and pulling, and it’s extremely important we have the strength and stability to do so safely. Performing this movement – and doing it correctly – will assist you during those everyday twists and turns.

Targets: Back, arms, abs, legs, butt


– Raise your back heel when in the lowered position, keeping your weight on your front foot

– Engage your core and use it to turn you to the side (this works your external obliques)

9. Rack Carry

I love this exercise for it’s simplicity. This full-body exercise is literally just walking with weights – or rather, walking correctly with weights. This is functional training at its finest: prepare for properly carrying groceries, luggage, a pet carrier, and even just your gym bag with this move!

Targets: Shoulders, back, abs, arms, butt, legs


– Keep your chest up and abs squeezed in tight, like you’re performing a standing plank

– Use a short stride, 12 inches at the most

– For strength: Use heavy weights that you can carry for 50 feet

– For endurance: Use slightly lighter weights that you can carry for 300 feet

10. Bear Crawl

This movement is so versatile and is great as just a warm-up. Activating many different muscles at once, it challenges you without using any weights at all.

Targets: Abs, arms, legs


– Keep your back flat and your hips low

So what are you waiting for?? Go hit the gym and try these out!

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