Get Fit with Cedar

Hi! My name is Cedar, and I’m the creator behind this health and fitness blog. I’m so glad you’re here!

I made Get Fit with Cedar (formerly Content With Coffee) to be a source of knowledge and inspiration for you to live a healthier, happier life.

Back when I first got out of college and started working as a Registered Nurse, I realized how hard it was to balance the different priorities in my adult life. As I focused on my new career and being the best nurse I could be, I found other things falling to the wayside. Most notably: my health. In every regard.

From eating sugar and salt-loaded snacks during my long shifts, having no time or energy to work out, and feeling sad because all my friends moved away, you could definitely say I had a tough time adjusting to this whole “adulting” thing.

Add that to the fact that I didn’t have complete career satisfaction, and it was certainly a rough couple first years out of college.

The Turning Point

While struggling to figure out what I wanted out of life and a career, I knew I still had a passion for one major thing: helping people to be healthy.

So I became a certified personal trainer through NASM! (This sounds like it was overnight, but it was actually 6 crazy-busy months of studying in my free time.) I started this blog about a year later in 2018 as a way of sharing my knowledge with those who really, truly want to be healthy.

It’s SO HARD to find accurate information out there. The more I’ve learned about exercise and nutrition, the more I’m appalled by the information some sites, ads, and social media accounts are churning out.

Get Fit with Cedar

This blog is for the people out there like me, who are busy devoting time and energy to their careers, and need simple and practical ways to stay on top of their health.

Because we don’t have time to mess around. We’re busy!

Writing for this blog is something I absolutely love. It took a while to get here, but I’m so glad I finally did.

I’m also (finally!) working as a personal trainer! During my first couple years in the adult world, I had no idea how to balance working with a healthy lifestyle. I’ve learned so much since then and love that I now get to pass that on to others!

Thank You!

So thank you for stopping by and visiting my blog! I hope you find something helpful on here that’ll help you build a healthy work-life balance as well!


p.s. Wondering where to start? Here are some good places!