“No more time-consuming planning – you’ve got everything you need in this book!”

5 Outstanding Healthy Cookbooks for Quick and Easy Meals

Cookbooks should make a regular appearance in your kitchen. Since they’re chock-full of different recipes, they keep cooking fresh and delicious.

There’s nothing less motivating than opening your fridge to prepare a meal you’ve had a thousand times and really don’t want to eat.

Especially if you’re trying to eat healthy!

Healthy eating can be absolutely wonderful. When you have a great recipe in front of you, you’re able to make dishes with tons of variety and natural flavor. Your healthy eating should be full of spices, herbs, vegetables whose names you can’t pronounce, and foods you’ve never tried before. It’s what keeps it fun and exciting!

But of course, you need the right recipes!

I won’t make a recipe nowadays unless it’s a healthy one. With fast food all around us and my occasional indulgence in them, I want my home-cooked meals to be as nourishing as they can be.

And my arsenal of healthy cookbooks means I’m never lacking a new healthy recipe.

So whether you’re struggling to cook healthily at home, are looking for a new cookbook to replace an old, or are simply expanding your collection of cookbooks, I’ve got some outstanding ones for you here! These are all healthy cookbooks that I either own or have had recipes from and loved.

Healthy cooking here we come!

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1. Healthy in a Hurry (from Williams Sonoma)

This cookbook from Williams Sonoma was gifted to me on my first birthday “out in the real world” after college. I was living in an actual apartment, with an full-time job, and feeling the strain on my time.

The recipes in Healthy in a Hurry are unique and help you expand your palate. The book is based on two simple ideas: eating fresh, unprocessed foods and being able to prepare them quickly.

This is a great starter cookbook for anyone who’s beginning their healthy eating journey or who is lacking time. With recipes for every meal of the day, tips on buying and cooking different superfoods, a healthy meal plan, and TONS more, this healthy cookbook will take your eating (and nutrition) to the next level!

My favorite recipe: Spinach, Pear, & Pomegranate Salad

2. 400 Flat-Tummy Recipes & Tips

Probably my favorite on this list, this healthy cookbook from Good Housekeeping is a nutrition game-changer.

The recipes inside are simple and easy-to-follow, but still extremely flavorful and delicious. Most of the recipes also don’t require a ton of ingredients, which my bank account loves. It’s absolutely one of my go-to healthy cookbooks when it’s time to look for a recipe.

My favorite recipe: Seared Salmon with Edamame Salad

3. Everyday Detox

I mentioned this cookbook in my recent post about cleanses and detoxes. I shared it then and am now because it’s so much more than a detox cookbook.

Everyday detox shares tons of recipes that are jam-packed with nutrients so you can look and feel your best. I love this book because it’s not all about tips and tricks to lose weight – it’s about putting good, healthy food into your body.

And if you have any doubt, try the 7 day meal plan and you’ll see what I’m talking about!

My favorite recipe: Cashew Caesar Dressing

4. Clean Eating for Every Season

Eating by the season is great for your wallet, but can be a bit daunting at first. Keeping track of everything that’s in season is one thing; planning meals with only in-season foods is another.

I love the premise of this Clean Eating cookbook. It keeps the recipes simple, and it gives meal plans for each season of the year. No more time-consuming planning – you’ve got everything you need in this book!

If you’re looking for new recipe inspiration, add Cleaning Eating for Every Season to your collection of healthy cookbooks.

My favorite recipe: Five-Spice Meatballs with Rice Noodles and Honey Lime Sauce

5. Oh She Glows Every Day

I absolutely love the Oh She Glows blog, so imagine how happy I was to find out there are Oh She Glows cookbooks! All of the recipes are plant-based and aimed to nourish.

This cookbook is Angela Liddon’s follow-up to her New York Times best-selling Oh She Glows Cookbook. As the cover suggests, the goal of this one is to provide quick and easy recipes for the busy person.

You can’t go wrong with a cookbook from Oh She Glows.

My favorite recipe: Sweet Potato, Chickpea, and Spinach Coconut Curry

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