30 Day Ab Challenge That Works

I’m all about fitness challenges that are tough but give results – and this is a 30 day ab challenge that works!

I don’t know about you, but I love to push myself. And since you’ve found your way here, I’m guessing you probably do too.

Or maybe you’re just tolerating the challenge part to get to the abs part – but either way, I’m glad you’re here!

Ab workouts are some of my favorites to do. Strengthening your core helps in all areas of exercise and even in daily activities.

So I decided to write a 30 day ab workout challenge, not only to tone and define, but also to strengthen this crucial area.

I make these kinds of challenges for myself all the time – if you’ve read my fitness planner post, you’ll know I love planning out my workouts to ensure I hit my goals.

This time, I’m taking you along with me!

30 days to get the abs of our dreams (or at least greatly improve your core strength and be well on your way to jaw-dropping ab definition!).

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What’s Different About This Challenge?

This isn’t just a namby-pamby sorta workout plan. As a certified personal trainer and extreme researcher of all things abs, I’ve learned the ins and outs of the abdominal muscles: the little tricks to engage your muscles further, the exercises that target your lower abs, and the moves that will get you those elusive “11” abs.

I’ve looked into it all. And I’m incorporating these tips and tricks into this ab workout challenge.

So this isn’t one of those fitness challenges that calls for 30 crunches one day, 50 bicycles the next, and then a rest day. Because I’ll be blunt; that’s not going to do anything.

This is a 30 day ab challenge that works. That’ll truly challenge and change you. That’ll make you have to stop and take breaks at first. That’ll make you contemplate stopping!

I don’t do things halfway, and neither should you.

So because we only have 30 days, I challenge you to only take two (nonconsecutive) days off a week.

Only TWO DAYS off per week? Aren’t you supposed to give your muscles at least a day off between weight training sessions?

Yes, why yes you are. Typically.

But your abs are different.

Your abs are more resilient because they’re part of your core and are used to constantly stabilizing the rest of your body. So you can train them much more often without negative effects.

For ABS-solute best results, pair this with regular cardio and some weight lifting. And depending on where you store your body fat, it may be necessary to clean up your diet a bit and lose some belly fat to see your ab toning. But this 30 day ab challenge is a great start!

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So how about we get to it??

Your 30 Day Ab Challenge That Works

The set-up of this workout is pretty simple. For the first two weeks, you’ll alternate back and forth between two different ab workouts. Take two days off a week, but be sure that your rest days aren’t back-to-back. So this means you’ll do a total of 5 ab workouts a week.

Each workout has a 5 minute circuit that you’ll perform twice for a 10 minute overall workout. If you find yourself having a hard time completing the exercise duration or find your form suffering, stop and take a break! Push and challenge yourself to improve next time!

Once you hit the final two weeks (plus a couple days so we get to 30 days total), you’ll get two new ab workouts to alternate between.

Why get new ab workouts halfway through the challenge?

Because we need to keep challenging your abs! This means some new exercises and increased durations. We’re aiming for results here! And you only get those by putting in the work!

Here’s an example of what your schedule might look like:

30 Day Ab Challenge That Works

So without further ado, here are workouts 1 and 2!

30 Day Ab Challenge Workout 1
Ab Challenge Workout 2

Now get ready to ramp it up a notch with workouts 3 and 4!

Ab Challenge Workout 3
Ab Challenge Workout 4

Stick to your schedule and give your all on every single exercise. This means squeezing your ab muscles as you perform each move – it’ll burn, but you’ll get more out of it. Now go and crush it!

30 Day Ab Challenge That Works

If you decide to give this 30 day ab challenge a try, let me know! And if you liked this post, please share the workouts on Pinterest! Thanks for your support!