Gifts for Fitness Lovers

This post contains some great gifts for fitness lovers!

With the holidays around the corner, I’m starting to keep my eye out for gifts.

They say you should get things for other people that you would like to receive yourself. So rather than give you a list of bland fitness equipment, I actually thought really hard about what I’d like to receive as a fitness lover.

Because there’s some pretty cool stuff out there. And it’s not all Apple watches and treadmills.

With some recent life changes, I’ve been on a tighter budget than normal. While I normally try to stay pretty practical with my gift spending, I’m forced to be even more vigilant this year.

That’s why everything on this list is UNDER $50. Because the art of giving a good gift isn’t how expensive and extravagant it is; it’s about how helpful and thoughtful it is!

I know I’d like to receive every item on this list (and I do have some of these things!), so I hope you find it helpful as you shop for your fitness lover!

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25 Gifts Under $50 That Fitness Lovers Will Go Crazy For

1 | Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are the most portable, lightweight, and convenient piece of exercise equipment. They’ll help anyone kick their workouts up a notch!

2 | Crystal Water Bottle

This gem-adorned water bottle is feminine and ultra-chic. I can think of about 10 people I know right off the bat who would love to receive this. Target your heart chakra with the rose quartz featured below or go for the amethyst’s calming vibes.

3 | Cushioned Workout Mat

There have been so many times I went to do a bodyweight workout and wished I had a thicker workout mat. These are especially great for stretching, light yoga sessions, and core workouts.

4 | Headphone Earmuffs

I think this is the cutest gift. These earmuffs are unique and great for someone who likes to get outdoors even in the frigid winter months.

5 | Twisted Bliss Earwarmers

I swear by my earwarmers during winter workouts. When it’s bitterly cold outside, you need reliable fabric that will keep you warm no matter what. I love this one from lululemon!

6 | Kiehl’s “Best of” Facial Package

When you work out a lot, your skin takes a bit of a beating. Between the sweat, the summer heat, and the piercing winter cold, your face may get neglected along the way. Treat the fitness lover in your life to a “Best of Kiehl’s” package with 5 facial products, valued at $67.

7 | Workout Toiletry Bag

Any fitness girl could always use a new toiletry bag. Whether something sticky has spilled in her last one or it’s just gotten a little battered, a new bag will always be appreciated. (Especially when it looks like this!)

8 | Jump Rope

I’m new to the world of jump roping for cardio, but WOW am I glad I bought one. Even for a cardio junkie like me, I’m wiped within minutes (okay, maybe seconds if I’m being honest). Adding a jump rope to any fitness routine will create a challenge and get results.

9 | Small Microfiber Towel

Use it on your yoga mat during a sweaty sesh or in the gym to towel dry. This small microfiber towel is a gift that will get use every day.

10 | The Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises

This book by Adam Campbell is phenomenal. Even as a certified personal trainer, I’ve learned so much from it. The book has exercises targeting each body part, fat-burning exercises, workout plans, and answers pretty much every question you can think of about resistance training. I highly, highly recommend it!

11 | Ankle Weights

I finallyyyy invested in a pair of 1 lb ankle weights and I’m so glad I did. They’re so darn useful! Whether you want to add just a bit more weight at the gym or are trying to ramp up your ab workouts, ankle weights are so the way to go.

12 | Gloves with iPhone Finger Pad

My favorite pair of running gloves has a touch screen finger pad, and lemme tell you – it makes all the difference! Get someone gloves that are not only warm and stylish, but also functional.

13 | Body Love by Kelly Leveque

Kelly Leveque is an incredible Registered Dietitian who knows her stuff and has even worked with celebrities. Her book Body Love comes during this wonderful time of body acceptance and healthy living and would be the perfect gift for anyone interested in health and nutrition.

14 | IUGA Leggings

Looking for the best inexpensive workout leggings? Well here they are! With 4,575 reviews on Amazon and a 4.6/5 star rating, you’re going to want to check these out!

15 | 90 Degree by Reflex Jacket

Buying workout clothes for other people is so incredibly hard. That’s why I was so stoked to find this best-selling and extremely flattering jacket on Amazon. It has wonderful reviews and lots of color options, making it a great choice if you’re feeling stumped on a fitness gift.

16 | Nike Joggers

I bought my Nike joggers at the beginning of 2019 and instantly fell in love with them. They’re comfy, sporty, and trendy, and I practically live in them now. These will be a hit no matter who you buy them for.

17 | Post-Workout Wipes

These post-workout wipes will make the perfect stocking-stuffer gifts for fitness lovers. Unlike many brands, these contain no harsh chemicals and will leave the user feeling completely fresh.

18 | Women’s Workout Cap

This Under Armour cap comes in lots of colors and is perfect for the sporty girl who’s on-the-go. Personally, I’d love my own hats so I can stop stealing them from my boyfriend haha.

19 | Stress and Grip Strength Ball

Having a stress ball can help with so much more than just stress. Building up grip strength helps with both resistance training and improving wrist pain.

20 | Weight Lifting Gloves

No one likes painful, callused hands. Gloves like these are great gifts for fitness lovers; not only will they feel like a badass when they hit the gym, they’ll be extremely grateful that their hands are protected.

21 | Stability Ball

A stability ball is a great staple piece of equipment for workout beginners and pros alike. While my gym has one, it’s on my list to buy for home as well.

22 | Batiste Dry Shampoo

Another great stocking stuffer, no fitness lover would say no to a little dry shampoo. Batiste is known for being effective, even against the unruliest of day 3 hair. Your friend/mom/daughter/sister will thank you!

23 | Faux Fur Eye Mask

One thing’s for sure – when I work out, I need a ton more sleep. Gifting this soft faux fur eye mask will help your fitness lover get they sleep they need, no matter what time of day.

24 | Hustle Juice Mug

As silly as it sounds, having a good saying on a mug can be so motivating. My current favorite mug says, “Keep calm and write on” – I know, for a blogger that’s pretty spot on! But this Hustle Juice mug may be a close second. Time to put your game face on and get stuff done!

25 | Aerobic Stepper with Risers

This aerobic stepper is a best seller on Amazon and for good reason. You can do so much with a step up, especially when it’s adjustable.

25 fitness gifts for her

I hope you found this list of gifts for fitness lovers helpful! If you did, I’d really appreciate a share on Pinterest!

Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season!