lazy workouts

We all have those days. Maybe you’ve been really motivated, hitting the gym regularly, and then BAM: working out is literally the last thing you want to do today.

I have those days too.

While it’s important to listen to your body and take rest days, you have to be sure you’re resting for the right reasons. It’s so easy to skip a workout just because you’re unmotivated.

Instead, I have a new tactic for you to try.

On a day you’re feeling lazy and tired, try out one of the workouts I list below. They’re all 10 minutes long, and are much easier to convince yourself to do than a longer 30 or 40 minute workout.

We all have at least 10 minutes in our day! Since many of these are geared more towards strength training, I’d recommend coupling them with a 10 minute walk.

There you go! You’ve accomplished a 20 minute workout with both strength training and cardio. While it may not be what you originally had planned, you certainly accomplished something – and getting a workout in when you really didn’t want to is something to be proud of!

So let’s get into the 5 videos I love for those lazy workout days!

10 Minute Lazy Workouts

1. The Lazy Girl Workout You’ve Been Waiting For! – Popsugar

Popsugar has basically every type of workout video you could wish for, and a lazy workout video is one of them!

In this video, you never have to get off the ground. Just get a mat or find a section of carpet/rug and you’re set. They do call for light weights in this video, but if you don’t have them it’s no biggie.

Try this workout and you’ll hit all your muscle groups from the comfort of your own floor!

2. Pillow Workout for Lazy Days – Blogilates

I love the fun, goofy energy in all Blogilates videos – especially on the days I’m unmotivated. And this particular video is absolutely perfect for a lazy day because it uses pillows!

I mean, what better way to trick your mind into thinking you’re still in bed??

Once again, Blogilates delivers an effective workout. While all the other videos in this post are full-body workouts, this one focuses on your abs and glutes!

3. 10 Minute Calorie Burn Full Body Sweat for Fat Burning – Pamela Reif

True, this one may not really be classified as a “lazy” workout, but it is only 10 minutes! And wow, do her workouts work.

Whenever I stumble upon a Pamela Reif workout, I know it’s going to be the biggest bang for my buck time-wise.

This video is a great choice for those who want to get as much as possible out of their 10 minutes. Bonus: it even has a break worked into it!

4. Victoria’s Secret Model Workout: 10 Minute Fat-Blasting Circuit – Popsugar

Another Popsugar workout for you, this one features Andrea Orbeck, Heidi Klum’s go-to trainer. It’s a full-body workout that’ll also get your heart rate up since it incorporates a lot of movement.

Try out this no-equipment, Victoria’s Secret 10 minute workout!

5. 10 Minute Beginner Full Body Workout – MadFit

This is the first video Maddie Lymburner posted to her MadFit YouTube channel, and it’s gold. Maddie is a fitness influencer who shares tons of tips and workouts.

The reason I love this workout is because it’s short and sweet, targeting all areas of the body. It’s also geared towards beginners, which makes it perfect for a lazy day, regardless of your fitness level.

You can’t go wrong with a workout video from MadFit. The girl knows her stuff!

I hope you found this post helpful and got at least one go-to video for your “lazy days.” And don’t forget to pair these with a little bit of walking to get even more of a workout in! Fun fact: walking may be even more effective than you think!

For more inspiration on those lazy days, check out my posts How to Stay Motivated to Work Out and The Best Fitness Planners to Crush Your Exercise Goals.

5 Lazy Day Workouts for When You Just Don't Want to Exercise. We all have days we're lacking workout motivation, but that doesn't mean they have to set you back on your fitness goals! Try out one of these 5 lazy workouts and you'll be happy you got a workout in today. #lazyworkouts #lazyday #fitnessmotivation #workoutmotivation #fitnessgoals

If you try out one of these, let me know what you think in the comments below! And if you have any other YouTube round-ups you’d like me to make, I’d love suggestions! Thank you!